10 Pictures That Will Shape Your View Of Product Management

We took some time to look at which product management illustrations  — our clients, followers and supporters  — found the most interesting. Through the startup-side deployments of our SOAP™ framework, we really enjoy bringing you constructive and a typical product management research, practical work advice, and analysis. It is very rewarding to think about the content that fits into product managers lives and makes their work better. Here are some illustrations that are most useful and important today.

But first, what is SOAP™?

SOAP™ is a methodology we created for product planning and roadmap prioritization based on principles of Product Strategy, Lean Startup, User-centered design, Data Science and more.

It breaks product innovation in 3 steps -- Product Mission, Product Blueprint and Roadmap Pillars. Our 12-week process covers the tactics, strategies and mindsets that underpin these 3 steps thinking. It's an approach designed to help organizations create knowledge, and build product strategies. When employed, it will help create new value, respect stakeholder opinion while getting buy-in, and optimize product delivery through iterative releases while validating and eliminating waste.

Product Lifecycle management:

Product/Market fit over time:

Feature complexity vs value over time:

Product adoption over time:

Product growth over time:

Willingness to pay vs perceived value:

Combating the forgetting curve:

Tradeoff between key constraints

Product Mission, Strategies & Tactics vs feature releases

Roadmap Generation and Prioritization step by step

We created this actionable 12-week virtual workshop series to help you jump through the hoops of prioritization and roadmap planning by using a clear, measurable, reproducible process for prioritizing features and initiatives. I have free one-on-one coaching/mentoring slots for interested product leaders. Click here to learn more about the 40% discount on our 12-week training program and take your product journey to the next level!

Bain Public is a product leadership firm that helps companies make informed decisions and deliver superior quality products that appeal to customers and achieve business goals. We offer a variety of blog posts, e-books and approaches designed to help you understand your digital strategies and establish elements of the product roadmap in the fabric of your business. A lack of strategy in planning your products is accompanied by a lack of focus and direction, which means things can quickly get out of hand. We step in to assess, clean up, and eliminate friction between people and processes to stimulate the organisation and maintain focus on creating quality products. For more information, visit bainpublic.com or call 514-442-8487."