9 Podcasts For Product Managers

Product leaders and managers are busy in their careers. They are constantly trying to stay on top of the learning curve. And what better way to do this than listen to podcasts! Podcasts are a great alternative for people who are busy yet still want to learn and keep in the loop in their industry.
It’s sometimes hard to find a good podcast for you. So we did that for you! We’ve listed below the top 9 podcasts we think product managers would love!
The Product Manager Podcast is a space to share and talk about the latest tips, tricks and tools to build great products and also make the world a better place. Its host, Michael Luchen, explores how to do product management the best in terms of product strategy and vision, product development frameworks, customer research, and startups. As an agile coach and technologist, Michael enjoys helping teams improve their collaboration to analyze and solve complex problems.
You can listen to Paul Ortchanian, CEO and Founder of Bain Public, speak on one of the episodes about cultivating momentum here

The Product Momentum Podcast is a podcast intended to entertain, educate, celebrate, and give a little back to the product leadership community. The two hosts Sean and Paul will discuss various elements that go into creating and managing software products, from building user personas to designing for trackable success. They believe that no topic is off-limits if it helps inspire and build an amazing digital experience for users – and a product people actually want.

The Product Bakery Podcast’s mission is to bring people from all product functions together to talk about the key ingredients to build successful products customers love. This includes everything from product management to design to development and marketing. Every Thursday, hosts Alex Dapunt and Christian Strunk interview product experts, break down the traditional silos around these functions and foster an open dialogue between them.
You can listen to Paul Ortchanian, CEO and Founder of Bain Public, speak on one of the episodes about asking stupid questions here

People of Product Podcast is hosted by George Brooks and Dan Linhart and is an innovation podcast that brings together industry experts to share insights around product teams. Using stories and learnings from their time running a digital product agency, they explore how tech continues to transform the world around us. Digital products power our lives, but they wouldn’t exist without the expertise and passion of real people.

One Knight in Product podcast is a fireside chat-style podcast hosted by Jason Knight. In his podcast, Jason speaks to people in and around digital product management, gets their perspectives, learns from their experiences and shares their stories. This is an inclusive podcast aiming to cover a range of guests, from seasoned product leaders to people trying to make it into the business, from unknowns to influencers.
CEO Paul Ortchanian was a guest on Jason’s podcast. You can listen to him talk about how to clean up after professional services and become a truly product-led professional here

Product Voices is a forum to share practical, real-world stories about how to learn and grow in important areas in product management. In addition to the conversations with the best voices in the field, this podcast also provides resources, tools, or other insights. Hosted by JJ Rorie, the author of IMMUTABLE: 5 Truths of Great Product Managers, professor of product management at Johns Hopkins University, and CEO of Great Product Management.
CEO Paul Ortchanian was a guest on JJ's podcast. You can listen to him talk about product managers’ relationship with leadership teams here

Get Your AI On! Podcast is a podcast hosted by Ciprian Borodescu, where founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and even AI researchers are invited to share their experience in dealing with business problems that can be solved through intelligent use of data.
You can listen to Paul Ortchanian, CEO and Founder of Bain Public, speak about product leadership teams here

Product Science, hosted by Holly Hester-Reilly, is a podcast for startup founders and product leaders to learn how to build high-growth products, teams, and companies. Every episode, listeners will hear real conversations with the product people who aren’t afraid to share the lessons they’ve learned (and the mistakes they’ve made) throughout their own product journey.
CEO Paul Ortchanian was a guest on Holly's podcast. You can listen to him talk about the key to building influence here

Üretim Bandı aims to teach how technology companies develop products and software in Turkey and all over the world. The hosts, Eran Filiba and Ender Ahmet Yurt, aims to know the product managers in the product ecosystem and the product cultures in their companies. They host different companies to try to understand different product development processes.
CEO Paul Ortchanian was a guest on their podcast. You can listen to him talk about product innovation and teach Bain Public's SOAP framework here

Article written by Jessica Scandaliato. Thanks to Paul Ortchanian for reading drafts and overseeing aspects of its publication. Also, if you have any feedback or criticism about this article, feel free to shoot us an email at info@bainpublic.com.

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