A successful 2023 from Bain Public!

I’d like to take some time to wish all our past and current clients a successful 2023. As Bain Public continues to grow, we have all of you to thank for our ongoing success!

In 2023, our entire team is working hard to give you the best service possible and continuously focus on and evolve the SOAP™ process. Representing Strategic Importance, OKR, Anchor Criteria and Pillar Content, SOAP™ is a sustainable, repeatable framework we created for product planning and roadmap prioritization. As we’ve seen over the years with our 40 clients, our process works and we will continue to keep improving it.

Our themes for the coming year are our dedication to autonomy, compétence and maintaining relationships.

  • Autonomy: We’ve recently implemented a new work schedule for our employees to work 9-hour days Monday to Thursday, and half days on Fridays. This helps us create a more supportive environment for our clients, while also giving autonomy to our employees. You will be able to leverage our services with more hours throughout the day.
  • Compétence: We’ve chosen product management so we can pursue its mastery with our SOAP™ process. We will continue to help our employees develop their own personal philosophies on product management with paid downtime for self-training and attending product conferences. We want you to benefit from better support and more knowledgeable expertise!
  • Relationships: Finally, we’re putting more time and energy into improving our operations to ensure everyone is aligned. Proper operations are extremely important to a workplace; it increases the trust in the relationships and the company, as well as understanding responsibilities and maintaining boundaries. Improving operations with our employees will result in better communication with you! We want you to have peace of mind as a direct result of knowing our team will come through with quick responses and dedication to serving you.

Our team will work together on these things in the coming year and be the best we can be! For those who haven’t touched base with us in a while and would like to reconnect, feel free to book a workshop, or get in touch with us here!

Thank you everyone once again for another incredible year. It’s amazing what we can accomplish with dedicated clients who are passionate about their products! 💙


Paul Ortchanian, President/CEO and Founder of Bain Public & the Bain Public Team
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About Bain Public

Bain Public, acquired by X Machina-AI Inc. in January 2022, offers consistent roadmap planning processes & tools for business leaders and product managers organized around what motivates, inspires and improves growth. Bain Public offers a variety of articles, e-books and approaches designed to help organizations understand their digital strategies, introduce elements of roadmapping and establish product-led change amongst the senior leaders and managers. Our approach, product, expert advice and coaching helps entangle complex technology, people and roadmap dynamics.

About XMachina

X Machina-AI seeks to provide a platform for the acquisition of Artificial Intelligence ("AI") entities in North America. The company’s thesis is based on an aggregation strategy to acquire successful AI targets and make them better through the addition of growth capital, streamlining of corporate processes and human capital acquisitions. The current sector focus of the Company is on enhancing supply-chain efficiencies, logistics and manufacturing.