Bain Public expands footprint to Toronto and San Francisco

During the last 4 years of growing Bain Public in Canada, we’ve got to work with the best in-bred Canadian startups and organizations, such as

We're now in Silicon Valley!

We're excited to announce we've expanded our footprint into Toronto and the USA by setting up an office in Downtown San Francisco's SOMA district. Many of the companies we have worked with have an international breadth, and it’s about time we do too!
Expanding our footprint will allow us to serve more and more clients. As we transitioned fully online at the beginning of the pandemic, we have mastered remote work and can now confidently say we are able to offer our services to more companies across and outside of Canada!
Our offerings will now be dispersed between our 3 offices (Montreal, Toronto and San Francisco) to be able to work and help more global companies. Our distributed teams are also fully virtual, which allows us to accomplish this feat. We are now ready to serve in both coutries!
The Most Innovative Corporate Training Companies
A spike in recognition since the move to San Francisco. We’ve ranked amongst the top 101 Corporate Training companies in California and top 53 Corporate Training companies in San Francisco, California by Best Startup California. We're also within the 56 Most Promising Corporate Training Startups with Seed Funding in the United States by Just Funded Media. We're honoured to be listed with exceptional companies.

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This demo is an introduction to Bain Public’s SOAP™ methodology and tool. Take the next step towards solidifying your product team to put a life-changing product on the market!
Most companies don’t have a clear picture of their roadmap. This is the reason why many businesses fail, so the question to many business owners out there is this: are you confident that your engineering team is building the right features? Bain Public’s SOAP™ methodology and tool offers a full picture of your product strategy, tactics, metrics and roadmap all in one place. So there’s no more guessing, no lack of focus or direction. Bain Public companies grow faster because everyone is aligned, motivated, inspired, and ready to innovate.
We created an actionable 12-week virtual workshop series to help you jump through the hoops of prioritization and roadmap planning by using a clear, measurable, reproducible process for prioritizing features and initiatives.
About the Demo
In this 30-min demo, we’ll dive deeper into how our SOAP™ methodology and tool can help you achieve your product goals. We understand that your product is unique and should be treated as such, which is why we’re offering you the chance to discover a bit more about our process and how you can leverage it to ensure the long term growth and success of your business.
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  • CORPORATE HQ (Montreal) 15 Marie-Anne St , Montréal, QC H2W 1B6
  • TORONTO OFFICE (virtual) 51 Wolseley St, Toronto, ON M5T 1A4
  • USA OFFICE (virtual) 1247 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94103
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About Bain Public

Bain Public, acquired by X Machina-AI Inc. in January 2022, offers consistent roadmap planning processes & tools for business leaders and product managers organized around what motivates, inspires and improves growth. Bain Public offers a variety of articles, e-books and approaches designed to help organizations understand their digital strategies, introduce elements of roadmapping and establish product-led change amongst the senior leaders and managers. Our approach, product, expert advice and coaching helps entangle complex technology, people and roadmap dynamics.

About XMachina

X Machina-AI seeks to provide a platform for the acquisition of Artificial Intelligence ("AI") entities in North America. The company’s thesis is based on an aggregation strategy to acquire successful AI targets and make them better through the addition of growth capital, streamlining of corporate processes and human capital acquisitions. The current sector focus of the Company is on enhancing supply-chain efficiencies, logistics and manufacturing.