Bain Public to give a Guest Faculty Talk at the Institute of Product Leadership

(Montreal, Canada) - Paul Ortchanian, Founder, CEO, Head of Product, Data and Strategy of Bain Public, will be giving an expert talk webinar at the Institute of Product Leadership, a niche management school with 4 campuses in India. Paul has a strong business track record, a unique message worth hearing and a natural speaker/storyteller.

The Institute of Product Leadership is a B-school designed to create product leaders with new age skills. It's essentially a growth incubator, which aims to accelerate career paths of select senior professionals, chosen based on the outstanding potential for innovation and leadership. Their programs are designed to combine real-world insights with cutting-edge product management techniques.

During his session, Paul Ortchanian will focus on the topic of Empathy building. The challenges of product development are not about products. They are about interpersonal relations. The empathic component is what makes a product manager special. In a field that values objective performance, spending your time on empathic interaction is perceived as a waste of time because is not measurable. But there is a connection between empathy and other outcomes, such as enhanced team buy-in, smoother communication and information exchange. Empathy is the key to building great products. Give it to your office community, and they will love you.

Session information:
Title: Empathy - Lead With Your Ears and not With Your Mouth
Date: June 25th
Time: 9 pm Indian Standard Time
Where: Online live session on Zoom (Watch Youtube Video)
For more information about the conference, visit

About Bain Public:
Bain Public us a Product consultancy who helps ambitious companies create new value with design- and technology-based products and strategies. Their group of experienced Product Managers works closely with C Suite leadership teams removing friction from all touch-points of the digital consumer experience to deliver product-market fit. They empower them to give roadmap direction, motivate teams and ensure they deliver the right thing in the right timeframe. Formed in 2017, the company is a Canadian leader in Product Management Consulting and a departure from the conventional strategy of software companies. For more information, visit or call 514-442-8487.

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