Bain Public to give a Product Leadership Workshop at Next AI

(Montreal, Canada) – Paul Ortchanian, Founder, CEO, Head of Product, Data and Strategy of Bain Public, will be leading a workshop on June 8th in collaboration with NEXT AI. A NEXT Canada initiative founded to accelerate the growth trajectory of aspiring and scaling entrepreneurs in the AI space with education, mentorship, funding and access to Canada’s strongest entrepreneurial network.
Paul’s unique experience brings together the necessity of great engineering and the beauty of product strategy. With this, he has identified an actionable process that enables him to offer concrete messages about product management and operations.
NEXT Canada is the nation’s strongest and most dedicated entrepreneurial network made up of 500+ top Canadian academics, entrepreneurs, investors, and founders. They rally around the next generation of entrepreneurs, making it hard for them to fail. Their mission is to ensure a more ambitious and competitive Canada. They believe "we need to engage, empower and keep our next generation of entrepreneurs in Canada." In order to help grow more Canadian headquarters, jobs and equity.
During his workshop, Paul will take NEXT AI’s 2020 cohort through the process of creating a successful product roadmap. From the conception of the venture’s ambitious long term goal to more appropriately defining the product’s value proposition, its product mission, and the strategies and tactics to achieve long term growth and success. At Bain Public, we understand the need for solid product leadership and that product mission alignment is one of the key factors to the success of any product. Paul will also be offering free one-on-one coaching sessions to the cohort, who can later choose to benefit from Bain Public’s 12-week Leadership in product workshop series generously funded by the Quebec government’s PACME program.
Session Information
  • Title: What Goes Into a Good Product Roadmap? A Guide to Narrowing Your Focus
  • Date: Monday, June 8th
  • Where: Online Workshop (open to cohort participants only)
NEXT AI, more specifically, is a world-class program for artificial intelligence based ventures and technology commercialization. They identify talented ideas or early-stage teams with ambitious solutions and leverage Canada’s leadership position in AI to provide them with the capital, mentorship, education and network to disrupt industries. NEXT AI currently operates in Toronto and in Montreal in collaboration with HEC Montréal.
Bain Public is a product leadership firm that helps companies make informed decisions and deliver superior quality products that appeal to customers and achieve business goals. We offer a variety of blog posts, e-books and approaches designed to help you understand your digital strategies and establish elements of the product roadmap in the fabric of your business. A lack of strategy in planning your products is accompanied by a lack of focus and direction, which means things can quickly get out of hand. We step in to assess, clean up, and eliminate friction between people and processes to stimulate the organization and maintain focus on creating quality products. For more information, visit or call 514-442-8487.
Take advantage of the Quebec Government’s PACME program till September 30th and receive a full refund on our product leadership training program. You’ll have the chance to take our 12-week program at no cost to you and get access to FREE one-on-one coaching sessions with Paul Ortchanian to guide you in the path of superior product leadership. Take your product journey to the next level and ensure its long term growth and success with Bain Public.