Bain Public to Lead an Expert Workshop in Collaboration with Cooperathon

(Montreal, Canada) – Paul Ortchanian, Founder, CEO of Bain Public, will be leading a workshop in collaboration with Cooperathon. This virtual pan-canadian event will host early-stage startup entrepreneurs who have embarked in a 28-day marathon which includes workshops and teamwork on Saturdays, as well as specialized sessions and follow-ups on weeknights.
About Cooperathon
Cooperathon is an open-innovation challenge at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and inclusion. The 5th edition (2020) is an opportunity for Canadians to make a difference, especially in the post-crisis context, by inviting all change-makers, entrepreneurs, and early stage teams to solve societal issues. It is an opportunity for organizations to accelerate innovation by launching open innovation challenges. Furthermore, it is an occasion to show their leadership as a corporate social citizen and support social innovation with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Finally, it is important to engage with today’s and tomorrow’s talent, through the mentorship program.
The program is composed of a 1-month marathon with 5 sprints:
  • Unite: kick-off event with a purpose to finalize teams by recruiting members from the community.
  • Understand: Step dedicated to understanding of the problem and starting the ideation process in order to find the solution that creates the highest impact.
  • Design: Step where business models and solutions are designed. These should be sustainable and impart the highest possible social impact
  • Build: Step where prototypes are built and validated to demonstrate their viability.
  • Convince: This is where pitches are practiced and projects are submitted for the semi-finals.
About the event
Paul’s unique experience brings together the necessity of great engineering and the beauty of product strategy. With this, he has identified an actionable process that enables him to offer concrete messages about product management and operations. Which led him to create a virtual 12-week product leadership workshop series that he uses as a foundation for online events like this one.
Session Information
Title: Cooperathon: The Art of Product Development
Date: October 13th, 2020
Where: Online Workshop (open to 2020 cohort only), but you can get FREE access to the Fintech show
During his workshop, Paul will lead a group of early stage fintech founders through the process of revisiting and assembling their value proposition, establishing their product mission and strategies, and completing their product roadmap. At Bain Public, we understand the importance of being able to visualize a product’s ecosystem to align product strategies. This ensures long term growth and success of any company and their products.
Bain Public is a product leadership firm that helps companies make informed decisions and deliver superior quality products that appeal to customers and achieve business goals. We offer a variety of blog posts, e-books and approaches designed to help you understand your digital strategies and establish elements of the product roadmap in the fabric of your business. A lack of strategy in planning your products is accompanied by a lack of focus and direction, which means things can quickly get out of hand. We step in to assess, clean up, and eliminate friction between people and processes to stimulate the organisation and maintain focus on creating quality products. For more information, visit or call 514-442-8487.