Bain Public to lead an expert workshop in collaboration with Front Row Ventures

(Montreal, Canada) – Paul Ortchanian, Founder, CEO, Head of Product, Data and Strategy of Bain Public, will be leading a workshop on Saturday, June 27th, as part of Front Row Venture’s newest initiative: The Women’s Founders Project. An effort made to help bridge the gender diversity gap in the venture capital and tech industries in Canada.
Paul’s unique experience brings together the necessity of great engineering and the beauty of product strategy. With this, he has identified an actionable process that enables him to offer concrete messages about product management and operations.
This will be the second iteration of The Women’s Founder Project, which seeks to support female-identifying students on their path to founderhood. A cohort of 16 students will participate in four different workshops that range from business model canvas to product/market fit, fundraising & legal, and storytelling for entrepreneurs. There will also be masterclasses and one-on-one mentorship sessions for a month in hopes of connecting these aspiring founders directly with already successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals to build a stronger community of like-minded individuals in the tech industry.
During his workshop, Paul will focus on how to establish the overarching product mission that defines product strategies. He will be using concepts such as product roadmap, BHAG, value proposition, and product mission to create product strategies that properly align decision-making with the real purpose of the product. This allows decision-makers and stakeholders to have a clear and common goal and has proven to be a process that solidifies a product’s success. Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in Bain Public’s 12-week program for better product leadership free of charge thanks to the Quebec government’s PACME program.
Session Information
Title: Women’s Founder Project: Product/Market Fit
Date: June 27th
Where: Online Workshop Series (available to 2020 cohort only)
Front Row Ventures is the first Canadian student-run venture capital fund managed entirely by students that invests only in student-led startups. In partnership with Real Ventures since 2017, FRV has successfully run a $600K Quebec-focused pilot fund over the past three years. Operating across 20+ university campuses in Quebec and Ontario, FRV’s active investment team now counts 45+ outstanding students from diverse backgrounds. They are currently raising a $10M fund to expand to more than 35 university campuses across Canada, from Quebec to Ontario, British Columbia, Prairies, and Maritimes.
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