Bain Public to Sponsor Holt Accelerator Deal Day's and Fintech Show

(Montreal, Canada) – Bain Public will be sponsoring Holt Fintech Accelerator’s deal days and fintech show for it’s 2020 cohort. Backed by one of Canada's most influential families, the Holt Fintech Accelerator is a global fintech matchmaker with a mission to help early-stage companies cross the chasm. By leveraging their 300+ advisory network, they facilitate deal flow and build eligibility. Their advisory army is composed of financial institutions, Institutional investors, or accredited fintech investors, and experts in the space, anywhere from academia, to entrepreneurs to service providers.

About Holdun

The Holt-Dunn family is the direct legacy of Sir Herbert Holt, and one of Montreal’s finest. Business people at heart, members of the family founded or owned over 300 companies locally and internationally. Sir Herbert Holt was inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame in 1979 and remains the longest-serving chairman of RBC (from 1908 to 1934). Sir Herbert Holt’s participation was crucial in turning RBC into the country’s largest bank and the third largest in North America at the time.

Deal Days

Deal Days consist of a 3-stop virtual tour across the globe, with a Canadian focus, where we showcase the Holt 2020 portfolio companies. During mini speed-dating rounds with Bain Public, potential investors, mentors and clients, the fintechs will pitch their product/solution. This allows startups to obtain feedback and build their network, while advisors learn new tech, explore potential deals, and interact with like minded individuals. Uniting and backing Canada's small business ecosystem.

Key Dates:





During this year's annual Fintech Show, the Holt 2020 portfolio companies will be pitching live to a virtual audience. In collaboration with Printemps Numérique, the fintechs will show off what they have learned and developed throughout our onboarding program. This is a moment to celebrate the founders' achievements and engage with sponsors, program partners, and alumni, as well as industry analysts, academics and influential investors. Coming from all over the world, the Fintech Show gives us a glimpse into the current Fintech trends through a very diverse pool of talent and expertise.

Who Participates in Holt Accelerator

From 720+ applications emanating from 87 countries, the top 8 companies were onboarded to take part in a 12-week program. Selections were made following an extensive online consultation earlier this year with 125 of Holt’s professional advisors. With 1,200 years of combined experience, they contributed over 1,000 hours to the selection process. As Canada's most active early-stage fintech investor, we carefully selected companies that will bring valuable technology to the Canadian ecosystem.

The 2020 cohort is made up of the following fintech companies:

Brazil’s Agryo connects lenders to farmers by combining data and AI modelling to bring better financial services to millions of underserved farming families globally. Its risk intelligence tools provide analysis before, during and after any transaction related to crop contracts dating back 20 years. They provide risk intelligence as service (RasS) to banks, agricorps, insurers and Ag-coops.

Straight out of London, Naoris helps financial service companies future proof their systems and data the way governments and militaries approach cybersecurity and threat detection. In seconds, the platform is able to detect any security breach, which can take competitors as much as 4 months to accomplish.

From Calgary, Ownest has partnered with 125 Canadian lenders to make shopping for a mortgage, car financing or other loans as easy as ordering dinner. Clients need 70% less paperwork while partners gain transparency and cut out 90% of their internal processing time.

Relativity6 is a Boston fintech company helping insurers sift through the massive amounts of data they hold to identify and retain profitable customers, cross-sell and up-sell at the right time. Founded at MIT, this AI platform can predict future customer behavior and maximize lifetime value.

Sentro is led by a Canadian ex-pat in New Zealand, helping group insurers grow their business efficiently by connecting their customers, partners and systems. Part of the Microsoft for Startups program, they help their clients give group customers the customized product and service experience they expect, without the administrative complexity in the back office.

Nova Scotia’s Talem Health Analytics offers a predictive AI injury causation tool which examines car crash data for severity, diagnosis confirmation, occupant motion, and recovery trajectory. This helps insurers streamline recovery and cut down on billions in fraud each year.

Israel-based SolidBlock addresses a serious lack of liquidity in real estate. Tokenization of such assets, smart contracts with built in regulation & legal structuring and a blockchain based, tradable asset infrastructure.

And finally, Swiss-based company Fidectus allows Energy Traders to manage the high pressures of managing costs, cash, limits and risks by automating and accelerating the settlement process in cross-company workflows.

Paul Ortchanian, Founder, CEO of Bain Public previously gave a workshop to their 2020 cohort focusing on attaining a well strategized product roadmap. He later followed up with some of the founders through his free 1on1s to further create those essential product leadership links. "Our teams can all use outside council regarding product development, so we are proud to work with the best in Bain Public to support their product needs", said Jan Christopher Arp, Managing Partner of Holt Accelerator. At Bain Public, we understand the importance of being able to visualize a product’s ecosystem to align product strategies. This ensures long term growth and success of any company and their products.
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