Bain Public Welcomes Connektica As A New Client


Bain Public is acting as an Exclusive Product Advisor to Connektica in defining their product roadmap. Connektica is a Montreal-based telecommunication company offering Test as a Service (TaaS) solutions for measurement of radio frequency components in space and ground applications.

Founded by two experienced aerospace engineers, Jeremy Perrin and Jean-Mathieu Deschênes, Connektica offers its expertise in electromagnetism, automation and data science to reduce radio-frequency testing costs, while also maintaining quality standards. They propose a disruptive approach to significantly reduce test costs through the use of machine learning and offer a decentralized traceability and diagnostic tool.

Bain Public brings new processes, tools and increased support to Connektica with their SOAP™ 12-module approach. Bain Public helps establish Connektica’s product culture and prepares their product practice through product management training and by working on their roadmap while also providing analysis, data and UX support. Bain Public also assists Connektica with expanding its product management team by assisting with the hiring of their product manager and providing coaching and training for their product team on the best practices for roadmap prioritization.

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