Bain Public will lead an Expert Product Session for Forum Ventures's Innovation Forum Series

(Montreal, Canada) - Paul Ortchanian, Founder, CEO, Head of Product, Data and Strategy of Bain Public, will lead a product session with Forum Ventures (formerly known as Acceleprise) as part of their Innovation Forum Series on October 6th.

Forum Ventures is an early-stage fund and B2B SaaS startup accelerator, based in New York, San Francisco and Toronto, that backs exceptional founders building the future of work. Led by builders and operators of some of the world’s largest SaaS companies, Forum Ventures help founders go from zero to scale, delivering the best-in-class funding, mentorship, and programming.

Forum Ventures has worked and invested with over 180+ early-stage SaaS companies worldwide. In addition to a meaningful investment into these early-stage companies, Forum Ventures’ small cohort size means they act as an extension of the founding team – turbocharging their progress to hit those crucial early milestones. They are known for their focused and hands-on approach to Go-To-Market and fundraising for early-stage companies. Forum Ventures founders have gone on to raise NEA, Uncork Capital, 8VC, Founders Fund, Menlo Ventures, Canaan, Bowery Capital, Susa Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, SV Angel, True Ventures and many more!

Session Information
  • Title: Innovation Forum | Discipline in Product: Know How to Identify Problems & Ship Solutions
  • Date: Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 | 2-3 PM
  • Where: Online

During the session, Paul will lead a group of CIOs from various UA Fortune 500 corporations seeking to innovate the startup way inside their organization. He will discuss how big corporations can become product driven, customer focused organizations. Paul will guide them through the process of revisiting and assembling their value proposition, establishing their product mission and strategies, and completing their product roadmap. At Bain Public, we understand the importance of being able to visualize a product’s ecosystem to align product strategies. This ensures long term growth and success of any company and their products.

Paul’s unique experience brings together the necessity of great engineering and the beauty of product strategy. He has identified an actionable process that enables him to offer concrete messages about product management and operations. This has led to his creation of a virtual workshop, Leadership in Product, Connect & Explore Workshop for Teams, that provides actionable strategies, tools, processes, and skills product leaders need to create innovations, adapt to market shifts, and anticipate what’s next.

About Paul Ortchanian
Paul Ortchanian is a pro at injecting strategies and tactics to monetize his client's businesses. He held leadership roles at Bay Area startups and high-growth organizations like WatchMojo -- helping establish product functions, as well as large strategic consulting companies such as Edelman where he organized product-led initiatives across national/regional offices. A consultant, coach, keynote speaker, and author all wrapped up in one, Paul shares his transition out of the corporate world and into starting his own business Bain Public, revealing the extreme challenges of unblocking company structure and policies from doing the right thing. Click here for a list of Paul's upcoming speaking engagements.

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