Leadership in Product, Connect and Explore Workshop Series.

Career Development Program Details:
Whether you are a Founder or part of the Product, Engineering or leadership team, you need actionable strategies and impactful techniques that drive results today. We already knew we could deliver expert guidance via a series of on-site workshops. We’ve quietly been delivering remote programs to organizations. Our virtual workshop series provides actionable strategies, tools, processes, and skills product leaders need to create innovations, adapt to market shifts, and anticipate what’s next.
  • Targeted to startups, scale-ups or SMB organizations
  • It takes place over 12 weeks, live via Google Meet.
  • 60 minutes learning, 60 minutes workgroup session each working day.
  • 12 lessons in total, plus, 6 hours of Q&A or one-on-one coaching/mentoring
  • We have done our best to make it easy for your team.
  • All lessons are recorded and available afterward.
  • A maximum of four people on each call.

Best of all, these courses are practical.
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To learn more about SOAP™ our ‘Leadership in Product Workshop Series.’ Contact us
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It’s a replicable system we have trialled, errored, iterated, refined and repeated for over 3 years and that has been a key component of success for both Bain Public and the organizations we work with.

Live Course led by Paul Ortchanian
About Paul:
By founding Bain Public, running product for a disruptive Bay Area startup or leading Operations and Engineering for a global organization, Paul acquired the breadth of experience to find the common denominators to make businesses successful. He is also deeply engaged with the early-stage startup ecosystem in Montreal and actively volunteers with Founder Fuel, TechStars, and Holt Accelerator.

About Bain Public:
Bain Public is a Product consultancy that helps companies make smart decisions, and ship top-notch products that innovate and achieve business objectives. We have a variety of different blog posts, ebooks and approaches designed to help you to understand digital, product strategies that, when employed, will help you to improve your organization, create new value and establish elements of roadmapping into the fabric of your company. Deep dive into "What we do" with slides covering our methods with examples.

Course Outline
The 3 steps to product innovation.

This is our framework that we base all our lessons on:

  1. Your Product Mission
  2. Your Product Blueprint
  3. Your Roadmap Pillars

The 12 lessons will cover the tactics, strategies and mindsets that underpin the 3 steps thinking.

  1. Actionable – How to audit & analyze the business model
  2. Actionable – How to create a business model canvas for your product
  3. Actionable – How to define company vision vs product mission, strategy, tactics
  4. Actionable – How to define personas, potential clients and potential competitors
  5. Actionable – How to choose a decision-making framework and feature parking lot.
  6. Actionable – How to create a blueprint, determine what’s built vs what’s to build, create 666 roadmap
  7. Actionable – How to write pillar documents and strategic value, OKRs
  8. Actionable – How to write pillar documents and technical scope
  9. Actionable – How to define scope as Must have, Nice to haves and Wishlist
  10. Actionable – How to prioritize initiatives to be built in the following quarter
  11. Actionable – How to document, create sales/marketing collateral for upcoming features
  12. Actionable – How to align with engineering & handover (scope, tickets, sprints, quality assurance, and demos)
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To learn more about SOAP™ our ‘Leadership in Product Workshop Series.’ Contact us
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As we get ready to provide your organization with the information, access, and expert guidance that you wish you had earlier in your product journey, consider the following details.

Who should attend?
Our workshops are designed and targeted to executives who are driving real results at the world’s fastest-growing product companies. These are the directors, VPs, and C-level leaders who have the mandate of delivering digital product solutions for years to come.

When does it start? Give me the details.
We deliver content via a series of virtual workshops. It will start when your team is ready. It will be 12 lessons of two-hour eachin total. In addition, you get 6 hours of Q&A or one-on-one coaching/mentoring live via Google Meet.

Where do I manage the roadmap?
Simple, accessible and intuitive, our platform provides central management to detail your strategy, blueprint and what to build all in one place. We've created this platform around best-in-breed templates, presentations, and slides to connect every aspect of product management and provide inspiration for your own product roadmap.

I'm not very good at Product Management. Is this program for me?
We work with you as partners by sharing product leadership best practices. We will supplement your product management team with specialized services, training and coaching and leave you with a repeatable process. We will teach you goal-based planning, how to prioritize a set of releases based on scoping, insightful strategies and business objectives.

What happens if I miss a lesson?
Don't worry if you should miss one, you can catch up on your time because it will be recorded, so you can watch it on replay. If you would like to join the conversation, but there are no spaces left in the current week, we are dedicating 30 minutes the Friday of most weeks purely to answering your questions.

Not sure if my team has the time.
It’s only two-hours a week, and guess what, we are dedicating 30 minutes on Fridays of most weeks purely to answering questions.

I am in the USA or international
We plan weekly lessons to start at a time that works with your team.

What if I buy it and don’t see the value.
We are here to help your organization and provide incredible value. If this course wasn’t right for you, then we will give you a full refund.

What if I have questions as we’re going through the course?
We are dedicating the Friday of most weeks purely to answering questions.

Customer testimonials
"Just wanted to thank you and your team for bringing us into Bain Public's process.
It brought added value and perspective on how we wish to develop LUCA." Dilan Jaunky, Co-Founder at LUCA Theory.
"Based on a few meetings and interactions Bain Public was able to help better formulate our core strategy and messaging. Pretty wow so far." Murray Galbraith CEO of Youneeq AI


FREE access to a one-on-one coaching session and find out more.
Take your product journey to the next level and ensure its long term growth and success with Bain Public. If you wish to know more about working with Bain Public, feel free to contact us or book your free one-on-one coaching session to get started.

Also good to know.
We have a variety of different blog posts, ebooks and approaches designed to help you to understand digital, product strategies. To be in line with the highest standards of the Product Management industry, we created our own Medium Publication that covers our framework and approach. Access to these documents will be yours for life and viewable on our own website.

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About Bain Public

Bain Public, acquired by X Machina-AI Inc. in January 2022, offers consistent roadmap planning processes & tools for business leaders and product managers organized around what motivates, inspires and improves growth. Bain Public offers a variety of articles, e-books and approaches designed to help organizations understand their digital strategies, introduce elements of roadmapping and establish product-led change amongst the senior leaders and managers. Our approach, product, expert advice and coaching helps entangle complex technology, people and roadmap dynamics.

About XMachina

X Machina-AI seeks to provide a platform for the acquisition of Artificial Intelligence ("AI") entities in North America. The company’s thesis is based on an aggregation strategy to acquire successful AI targets and make them better through the addition of growth capital, streamlining of corporate processes and human capital acquisitions. The current sector focus of the Company is on enhancing supply-chain efficiencies, logistics and manufacturing.