Is Your Organization Doing Everything It Can To Explore, Evolve And Execute Products?

The appetite for building exceptional products has never been higher, and yet, many organizations struggle to grow effective and successful product management. With that in mind, how can business leaders develop organization competency and fast-track product innovation? How can they improve processes and build product culture maturity from within the organization?

At Bain Public, we make sure a product-driven culture is a fundamental part of an organization’s decision-making process. We put in place product-centric values and product management habits that deliver genuine business value. It’s all about exploring, evolving and executing — collaborating closely and roadmapping with your team as a whole.

You may have a 12-month roadmap defined, but every three months the market, your industry, competitors as well as customer expectations can change — sometimes drastically — as we witnessed when the coronavirus pandemic took a toll on both the market and various industries.

When our client relationship is functioning at its best, we give them information, expertise, insight and execution — analytically applying our expertise to come up with insights of the shift and helping you strategize and implement the necessary changes to help your company succeed.

Bain Public’s value here isn’t in procuring the data — it’s in helping implement new roadmap initiatives based on the data. And we can do all of this with the help of our ‘Explore, Evolve, Execute’ service package.

How Are You Managing Your Products?
Over the last few years, products have become more and more complex, but what’s shocking is that fewer than 15% of organizations have tackled this level of complexity through product-led strategy and roadmap planning.

So how are you managing your products exactly? Do you have a solid strategy, focus and vision in place? Is your team aligned and prepared to collaborate and roadmap?

At Bain Public, we’ve done hundreds of product roadmaps. Our staff have answered thousands of product strategy and transformation questions. But the primary experience we offer is a partnership where our experts can share their experience and best practices in a research-based and co-creation environment — while also encouraging an appetite for product-led change amongst senior leaders and managers.

Explore, Evolve, Execute
With our ‘Explore, Evolve, Execute’ offering, we help you create alignment around the roadmap and set up collaborative exchanges to bring your team together — tackling roadmap challenges fast. Trust us, you don’t actually have to say ‘yes’ to everything and play office politics. It’s the path to burnout and frustration.

As part of our service package, we help you work within your teams to develop sustainable product management as well as research, create, test and refine digital products to build lasting business value.

We start by identifying your product's most important mission. We assess its unique strategies and tactics. From there, we work together to unpack the challenges you face, build new insights and perspectives. Our approach with collaborative learning exchanges, fieldwork to practice new mindsets, and skills, has proved to work best. Our product discovery and UX team will then collaborate closely with you, keeping the quarterly roadmap intent intact, and integrating our SOAP™ workflow to uncover customers needs, problems and desires.

We’ll help you challenge assumptions, build empathy and extract novel insights with actionable recommendations to feed into the next roadmap prioritization meeting. Remember, the roadmap is essential to ensure the right feature is delivered at the right time, and also gives direction and motivates stakeholders and teams.

What can you expect with this offering? The following is a snapshot of the deliverables that are completed through meticulous collaborative discussions and in partnership with in-house resources.

  • Documentation of research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Product discovery (e.g. your product blueprint)
  • Roadmap with your team (e.g. define key metrics, decision-making framework)
  • User experience strategy (e.g. design and prototyping)
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What Else We Have To Offer
In addition to our ‘Explore, Evolve, Execute’ offering, we have three other packages that can help provide different perspectives and solutions for product-related problems. All our pricing and service information can be found here.

On-Demand One-to-One Connect with Product Expert: Confidential, informal chat (or series of chats) on whatever topics you choose (up to 4 attendees). Many of our best insights come through casual conversations, not from formal reports. Book your slot

Leadership in Product, Connect & Explore Workshop for Teams : Our virtual workshop provides actionable strategies, tools, processes, and skills product leaders need to create innovations, adapt to market shifts, and anticipate what’s next. Book your slot

SOAP™ Workshop Series: This 12-week process covers the tactics, strategies and mindsets that underpin our three-step thinking. Bain Public’s SOAP™ methodology and tool offers a full picture of your product strategy, tactics, metrics and roadmap all in one place. And because we’re committed to helping product-centric businesses navigate complex product management issues, we’re offering a 40% discount to Canadian pre-seed startups. Book your slot

More On Our SOAP Methodology
Bain Public SOAP™, our product management methodology, is a sustainable, repeatable planning and prioritization framework. SOAP™ makes sure everyone is aligned, motivated, inspired, and ready to innovate. This approach uses your product mission, product blueprint and roadmap pillars to create knowledge and build product strategies that add value, respect stakeholders' opinions while getting your teams' buy-in, and optimize product delivery through iterative releases. These organizational models, operational tactics and online tools shape harmonious collaborations, accentuate connections and ease information sharing.

Thanks to Loren O'Brien-Egesborg for contributing to this article as well as reading drafts and overseeing aspects of its publication. Also, if you have any feedback or criticism about this article, then shoot us an email
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