Métro Média, a Bain Public Alumni Client, Released Their Brand New Mobile Application

(Montreal, Canada) - A new era of digital information is beginning at Métro Média, a Bain Public alumni client, with the release of their brand new mobile application that is now available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This accomplishment is the tipping point of a new age at Métro Média. Métro is innovating and redefining the way local news is distributed with their new app and also a revamped website. A whole new web and mobile ecosystem will allow them to connect even more with their readership. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this evolutionary change was needed for Métro’s success with the transition of local journalism to a digital world. These stories are the connective tissue of a community; they introduce people to their neighbours, and they encourage readers to listen to and empathize with one another. This new digital positioning of the Métro brand also allows them to solidify their commitment to the public good.

"Our platforms offer Quebec’s latest local news and cultural life, and they allow us to exclusively support Quebec products, initiatives and small businesses exclusively." - Andrew Mulé, president and CEO of Métro Média

Their new free app allows Métro readers to feel more connected and less alone by selecting the news they want based on their interest or in-transit location, and allows the user to survey all the 21 editions of each Montreal neighborhood. In the current economic and socio-cultural context, local media are more essential than ever to defend the interests of citizens and encourage the local economy.
The new Métro will offer its readers an in-depth look at social issues, environmental issues, culture, entrepreneurship and everything that inspires their readers. With a brand new identity that will appeal to new generations and a renewed social mission, Métro Média is ready for a digital future!

Working With Métro Média
Métro Média, was first introduced to Bain Public in the summer of 2020. After finding our approach to product management unique, Metro Media knew we could help them realize their vision of evolving hyper-local digital media through transit apps. They trusted us to not only utilize modern product management to revamp their business models, but also to help them define and validate their product mission, strategies and tactics to propel themselves into the future — transitioning from print to digital.

Read the full case study here: Evolving Hyper-Local Digital News With Metro Media

About Métro Média
Métro Média publishes a free French-language daily and 25 community papers. Their publications are well recognized for encouraging a strong sense of community. Métro Média was created in April 2018 at the time of the acquisition of the daily Métro, when they acquired 21 metropolitan publications and 8 publications from the Capitale-Nationale, thus ensuring a significant local presence in the major urban centers of the province.

"Métro will document the Montreal experience in all its diversity, offering unparalleled visibility to citizens, artists, merchants and entrepreneurs." - Andrew Mulé, president and CEO of Métro Média

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