Paul Ortchanian, CEO and Founder of Bain Public, will be a speaker at Entertain-AI

(Montreal, Canada) – Paul Ortchanian, Founder, CEO, Head of Product, Data and Strategy of Bain Public, will be a speaker at the Entertain-AI conference in Montreal, Quebec on June 14th and 15th.

About E-AI
Entertain-AI seeks to unite two great forces: Artificial Intelligence and Entertainment. This emerging, global B2B community gathers key figures in both of these industries and brings them together to create an ecosystem that can enhance opportunities, and inspire innovation through stimulating new projects and strategies. Their goal is to be both a catalyst and a marketplace for international organizations in the Artificial Intelligence and Entertainment sectors and throughout the economy.
Conference Information
Date: June 14th-15th, 2022 | 9:00 am – 7:00 pm EST / Doors: 8:00 am
Where: (Hybrid) Montréal, QC, Canada | Online
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This hybrid conference will take place both in person and online; it is a kick-starter to engage the entertainment and AI communities with relevant partnerships, business opportunities and all-year round events. E-AI will explore the endless possibilities with showcases of current applications to spark tomorrow’s ideas, and foster collaborations and solutions to accelerate adoption and amplify evolutions.

About The Panel
Paul will participate in a 30 minute showcase where he will present a case study about one of Bain Public’s clients, WatchMojo, that tackles the question: How can AI help create a culture within an organization when it comes to product management? Over the past 4 years, Bain Public has been working closely with WatchMojo, one of the largest, Canadian-based producer, publisher and syndicator of video content. Bain Public took on the role of the product team for WatchMojo and assisted them in building their roadmap. Following will be a case study presented by another leading expert, accompanied by a 15-minute Q&A about these two presentations.
Panel Information
Topic: Research & Development: Optimizing Organic Reach Is A Must!
Date: June 14th, 2022 | 11:30 am - 12:00 pm EST
Where: Montréal, QC, Canada
As a speaker at E-AI, Paul will contribute to showing these communities how entrepreneurs and businesses can do better in the IP spheres, and how creative, culture, and entertainment industries can have an impact on AI research, product development, and interaction with technology on a daily basis.

About Paul Ortchanian
Paul Ortchanian is exceptionally knowledgeable and well-rounded in all aspects of product management. He acquired the breadth of experience to find common denominators to make businesses successful through his leadership roles at San Francisco Bay Area startups and high-growth companies. A true consultant, coach, keynote speaker, and author all wrapped up in one, Paul shares his transition out of the corporate world and into starting his own business Bain Public, revealing the extreme challenges of unblocking company structure and policies from doing the right thing. He is a pro in injecting strategies and tactics to monetize his client's businesses.
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About Bain Public

Bain Public, acquired by X Machina-AI Inc. in January 2022, offers consistent roadmap planning processes & tools for business leaders and product managers organized around what motivates, inspires and improves growth. Bain Public offers a variety of articles, e-books and approaches designed to help organizations understand their digital strategies, introduce elements of roadmapping and establish product-led change amongst the senior leaders and managers. Our approach, product, expert advice and coaching helps entangle complex technology, people and roadmap dynamics.

About XMachina

X Machina-AI seeks to provide a platform for the acquisition of Artificial Intelligence ("AI") entities in North America. The company’s thesis is based on an aggregation strategy to acquire successful AI targets and make them better through the addition of growth capital, streamlining of corporate processes and human capital acquisitions. The current sector focus of the Company is on enhancing supply-chain efficiencies, logistics and manufacturing.