Product Thinking: an interview with Bain Public

(Montreal, Canada) – Paul Ortchanian, Founder, CEO of Bain Public will take part in a Product culture conversation focused on product-mindset and product-led growth on Input Logic's Product Thinking interview series - featuring regular interviews with super-sharp product managers, leaders and thinkers from a huge range of companies.

About Paul Ortchanian
Paul Ortchanian is a pro in injecting strategies and tactics to monetize his client's businesses. He held leadership roles at Bay Area startups and high growth organizations like WatchMojo -- helping establish product functions, as well as large strategic consulting companies such as Edelman where he organized product-led initiatives across national/regional offices. A consultant, coach, keynote speaker, and author all wrapped up in one, Paul shares his transition out of the corporate world and into starting his own business Bain Public, revealing the extreme challenges of unblocking company structure and policies from doing the right thing.

About the Discussion
  • My product journey and founding Bain Public.
  • Orgs that celebrates shipping features vs solving customer problems.
  • Is this plane being built as it’s flying off the cliff, or is there a plan?
  • You can’t run a business focused on shallow KPIs.
  • The product management culture within organizations.
  • Implementing a product-led culture from the get-go.

Interview Information
About Input Logic
Input Logic makes apps. A digital product and interface design studio, they crank out realistic product strategy, gorgeous interface design, and well tested code. With clients across industries like healthcare, well-being, insurance, finance, and productivity they revel in the joy of the craft and take pride in making apps that people love to use.

About Bain Public
Bain Public offers consistent roadmap planning processes & tools for business leaders and product managers organized around what motivates, inspires and improves growth. We offer a variety of blog posts, e-books and approaches designed to help organizations understand their digital strategies, introduce elements of roadmapping and establish product-led change amongst the senior leaders and managers. Our approach, product, expert advice and coaching helps entangle complex technology, people and roadmap dynamics. For more information, visit or call 514–442–8487.

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