Taking Product Management to the Next Level at Connektica

Sometimes being highly specialized can limit a business. However, there are times when that knowledge and skillsets can enhance a market segment. Connektica appears to be the latter. Though a startup, Connektica uses its combination of radio frequency expertise, software development, and determined entrepreneurs to arrive at the perfect time to tackle some of the issues of mass manufacturing of satellites.

Connektica: The Space Conquestor
Connektica is a Montreal-based telecommunication company offering Test as a Service (TaaS) solutions for measurement of radio frequency components in space and ground applications. Founded by two experienced aerospace engineers - Jeremy Perrin and Jean-Mathieu Deschênes - in Montreal in 2019, Connektica offers its expertise in electromagnetism, automation and data science to reduce radio-frequency testing costs, while also maintaining quality standards. They propose a new, agile and competitive approach to the conquest of space; their goal is to significantly reduce test costs through the use of machine learning and offer a decentralized traceability and diagnostic tool.
Connektica became a Bain Public client and signed a contract to do 12 weeks of SOAP™ workshops in 2021, during which the Bain Public team brought new processes, tools and increased support to their team. Over the 12 weeks of doing SOAP™ workshops with them, the Bain Public team were able to help them establish their product culture, prepare their product practice through product management training, as well as worked on their roadmap with the team while also providing analysis, data and UX support. Finally, we assisted Connektica with expanding its product management team by assisting with the hiring process of their product manager and providing coaching and training for their product team on the best practices for roadmap prioritization.
After Richard was hired as Connektica’s product manager, the organization began Explore, Evolve & Execute with our dedicated team of product and UX/BA resources, where we worked through collaborative discussions. In partnership with Jean-Mathieu and their in-house engineering team, we supported Connektica’s product roadmap initiatives and quickly brought prioritized features to life!

Explore, Evolve, Execute
Our ‘Explore, Evolve, Execute’ offering (we call it Triple E) takes our SOAP™ workshops one step further to directly work with the product manager and the team. We start by identifying the product's most important mission, and assess the company’s unique strategies and tactics. From there, we work together to unpack the potential challenges, as well as build new insights and perspectives. Our approach with collaborative learning and practice with new mindsets and skills has proved to work successfully with previous clients, such as Blaise Transit and Livescale. Our product discovery and UX team will then collaborate closely with the product team, keeping the quarterly roadmap on track and integrating our SOAP™ workflow to uncover the customers needs, problems and desires.
We help our clients challenge assumptions, build empathy and extract novel insights with actionable recommendations to feed into the next roadmap prioritization meeting. The roadmap is essential to ensure the right feature is delivered at the right time; it also gives direction and motivates stakeholders and teams. Our clients can expect the following deliverables with Triple E that are completed through meticulous collaborative discussions and in partnership with in-house resources:
  • Documentation of research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Product discovery (e.g. your product blueprint)
  • Roadmap with your team (e.g. define key metrics, decision-making framework)
  • User experience strategy (e.g. design and prototyping)
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What does the future hold?
The Bain Public team helped Connektica create alignment around their product roadmap and set up collaborative exchanges to bring their team together and tackle roadmap challenges quickly! We worked with their product team to develop a sustainable product management strategy, as well as research, create, test and refine Connektica’s product. During Triple E, we supported and worked alongside Richard (and now Elodier) and assisted them on what direction to take the product. We were their product team’s crutches while supporting their transition into Connektica!
"I strongly believe Bain Public has a very high value for fast growing companies. They will allow you to ensure to focus and prioritize your development on the high-level strategy, making your team happy and more efficient while providing a clear picture of objectives you are targeting." - Founder & CEO of Connektica, Jeremy Perrin
Connektica’s evolution and continuous success was made possible with the help of Bain Public’s team, including their recent announcement on August 2nd, 2022 of raising "2 million euros as well as the opening of its Toulouse subsidiary." To support the company’s future initiative after gaining this new fundraising, we’re excited to announce that Connektica will be a Bain Public client again in 2023 for a quarter of our new service ‘SOAP™ In Residence’.
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