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About one year ago, we met Pholysa and Alex from while they were at Founder Fuel, Canada’s leading Venture Accelerator. We got lucky then and later provided them with Product Management Consulting, Coaching and Advising services. I’m delighted to finally discuss why we invested our time.

Automation, a global force that will transform economies and the workforce

Firms invest in supply chain experts because their opportunity cost is low. It’s tempting to hire a supply chain consultant and play it safe. However, the market actually appears to encourage the adoption of supply chain automation technologies. We’re entering a new wave, where companies are more likely to take on lighter versions of consultant-like work and products. A savvier white-collar workforce expects web-based demand planning‎ tools to be an integral part of their work,

By allowing any person to use off the shelf, AI-powered forecasting templates, or create their own by stitching together forecast methods adapted for their industry, the power of is suddenly available to anyone in an enterprise or SMB.

When the economy is in great shape, a company has every incentive to produce as much as it can; operations need not be humming at maximum capacity, which means demand forecasting should not be completed periodically or manually with associated operational horrors, frictions, and complexity. Enkidoo offers a suite of tools so SMBs can effortlessly reach productivity growth, through a high accuracy forecast for their SKUs. They can also help cut costs, makes companies more agile and therefore better able to handle the uncertainty and rapid change that come with the movement of their supply chain around the world.

Love at first sight

I have known Pholysa and Alex for some time now, and I love the white space in their field of AI so much, we very much wanted to part of the ride. In the last year, Enkidoo has doubled headcount and developed a proprietary platform that uses automation and artificial intelligence to make the traditionally complex process of SKU forecasting more efficient and reliable.

Our engagement ended up lasting 3 months because of the amazing human fit. At Bain Public, we love ambitious entrepreneurs and both Pholysa Mantryvong and Alexandre Vincart-Emard are one of them! They are now well on their way to realizing the original vision for their company.

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X Machina-AI seeks to provide a platform for the acquisition of Artificial Intelligence ("AI") entities in North America. The company’s thesis is based on an aggregation strategy to acquire successful AI targets and make them better through the addition of growth capital, streamlining of corporate processes and human capital acquisitions. The current sector focus of the Company is on enhancing supply-chain efficiencies, logistics and manufacturing.