The Story Behind Our Advisory Work With WatchMojo

Over the last 3 years, Bain Public has worked closely with the Canada-based media production and distribution company WatchMojo. During this time, it has been our job as innovative and creative product leaders to help them uncover opportunities, explore pain points, align priorities and optimise their production process.

As our partnership together has grown, WatchMojo has looked to us for clarity. We work closely with their engineering team to deliver on our promises to help them continuously produce more videos and expand on their distribution capabilities to generate more licensing revenue.

Now with over 36 million subscribers across their worldwide channels, together we’ve spent the last 3 years defining, developing and refining a product ecosystem called ‘Unity’.

What is Unity?
WatchMojo was entering its expansion stage and we knew there was a big market growth opportunity. They had to rethink their approach of creating videos to increase the addressable market and reach more viewers. This meant entering new markets and launching new channels.

WatchMojo recognised they were in need of a concept which would help with the allocation of resources and Unity was a solution that could do just that and so much more.

It’s important to note that successful roadmaps aren’t built in a day, nor are they developed in isolation. With WatchMojo, we ensured that the elements of roadmapping were woven into the fabric of the organisation so we could accomplish success as a team.

Bain Public worked with the executive team on a software solution that would connect the entire studio, teams and creative workflows. Unity was built to show who is working on what project, track production steps, provide a health overview through analytics and help unlock further video publishing potential. We wanted to get everyone on the same page and promote effective collaboration. Unity allows WatchMojo employees to spend more time crafting videos and create further value for the business.

Within a year of launching Unity, WatchMojo was averaging publishing 12 videos per day and controlled new channels including MSMojo, JrMojo, WatchMojo français and WatchMojo español.

Today, Unity stands behind considerable workflow optimizations making the video process as effective as possible from creation to publication. With less waste and fewer projects on the backburner, the average time to create and publish YouTube videos is down 80%, creating a leaner approach to production planning.

The Goal Behind Unity
With over 30,000 online videos in their library, WatchMojo’s editors can see projects from all 10 channels including the number of viewers and which videos are trending. Bain Public has worked hard to help create a platform that could enable the proper management of story publishing and the growth of viewers thanks to a suite of cost-saving distribution tools. This includes combining tasks, notifications and metrics to move videos quickly through the publishing workflow to get them published throughout the week.

The goal was to seek out new customers, increase daily user engagement, expand productivity, reach different audiences in less time as well as offer fast video production at low cost and widen the publications to grow the number of viewers.

Here is an overview of Unity’s features which would help achieve these objectives:

  • Insights and metrics: The platform allows you to see YouTube insights and metrics to help fully understand the impact.
  • Feed API: The feed API is for widening licensing partnerships which increases the reach to every audience in less time.
  • Search tool: The faceted search tool accelerates the search and discovery experience. Users can search by keyword, length, channel, language etc.
  • Cost dashboard: This offers faster video production at low cost.
  • Collaborative review: This feature provides a commenting system and scales to accommodate hundreds of users.
  • Master calendar: The master calendar has everything you need to collaborate efficiently and plan content ahead of time, knowing exactly what you are publishing and when.
  • Contributor management: You can create a sprawling decentralised network of freelancers and international partners. With this feature you can closely monitor production, costs and revenue.
In the last quarter, we’ve continued on our mission to help the team at WatchMojo reach their product goals. This included continuously producing more videos, expanding on their distribution capabilities and generating more licensing revenue. To do so, we created an internal search engine and upgraded the feeds API for licensing partners.

Through embedding ourselves into WatchMojo’s workflow and becoming a part of their engineering team, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot in the last three years. As we continue to refine and fine tune Unity, we look forward to seeing what more we can achieve with WatchMojo as our partnership evolves.

"Few individuals can be parachuted into a 10-year successful organization and take the time to introduce the right processes to take the enterprise to the next level; Paul is such a person and we are better off for having him part of the WatchMojo family." Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, CEO, WatchMojo

Thanks to Loren O’Brien-Egesborg for reading drafts of this article and overseeing aspects of its publication. Also, if you have any feedback or criticism about this article then shoot us an email
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