The Top 8 Best Gifts To Buy Product Managers

Are you buying a gift for a product manager? That can seem daunting and be challenging. Product managers love trying new things, experimenting with technology, and having the latest gadgets. Which means they will probably love most gifts you get them. It also means that they may already have many things you think of. But fear not - we’re here to help!

Whether you're buying a gift for your colleague, family member or friend, we got you covered! We’ve narrowed it down to what we think the best gift for a product manager is! This list includes a range of gifts that vary in price.

1. Book
Product managers are always seeking to learn more. One way to learn is through reading! A book is always a good gift idea for a product manager.
Here are some book suggestions:

2. Gift Card For A Coffee Shop
Product managers live off of caffeine. Coffee is their lifesaver, especially during crunch time at the end of each quarter. Product managers will always appreciate a gift card for a coffee shop. (Just make sure you know they drink coffee, though, as some people don’t)

3. Reusable Mug
For coffee lovers or tea lovers, reusable mugs are the best gift! And, especially for product managers who are most likely drinking coffee or tea during work, this would be the perfect gift! And, to top it off, it’s environmentally friendly!
Here are some suggestions:

4. Daily Planner
Product managers are busy workers. So they need to stay organized and make sure they are able to get all their work done in a timely manner. Daily Planners would be very useful for product managers, and thus make a great gift!
Here are some suggestions:

5. Audible Membership
Whether they’re listening on their commute or on a walk-break at lunchtime, product managers love listening to podcasts and audiobooks! Considering the busy nature of being a product manager, you can imagine they have little time to sit down and read. That’s why listening to a podcast or audiobook is so appealing to them!

6. MasterClass Course
All great product managers need to keep learning. Masterclass has built an incredibly impressive roster of teachers including Ron Howard (Directing), Gordon Ramsay (Cooking), and Carlos Santana (Guitar). Whatever your product manager is interested in getting better at, Masterclass can help them get there! Purchasing one of these courses would be a great gift!

7. Estimation Dice
This is one of those gifts that will spark some laughter that any product manager and their team will surely appreciate: estimation dice!
Every team is always having to give estimates of how long it will take a feature to be released. To make it easy (and fun and engaging), everyone can roll estimation dice. This is a simple, yet thoughtful gift for a product manager.

8. Post-It Notes
Lastly, post-it notes are the perfect stocking stuffer for a product manager! They are inexpensive and very useful for a product manager’s daily workday.

Whether you’re buying for your product manager or a friend/family member who is a product manager, these gifts are perfect for the holiday season and to show your appreciation!

Happy shopping and good luck!

Article written by Jessica Scandaliato. Thanks to Paul Ortchanian for reading drafts and overseeing aspects of its publication. Also, if you have any feedback or criticism about this article, feel free to shoot us an email at

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