We do it because it’s good business

This year, by partnering with Founder Fuel, we set a lofty goal to undertake pro bono advisory work bringing the ideas of Product Leadership, Product Strategy and Product Development processes to 2019 cohort startups. We’ve given a full day Product Management workshop and over fifty hours of advisory services in the startup interest.

We did so because it’s good business, also for the pedagogic value of enhancing our technology, market and industry understanding. The standout component was our one-on-one time with the startup founders. Running a startup is not easy work. They forgo stability in exchange for the promise of fast growth. The solutions are not obvious and success is not guaranteed. I hope they gained from our experience, network of people, encouragements and ideas.

The FounderFuel 2019 cohort. It’s time to recognize their efforts.

  • NameShouts: A Montréal-based company name pronunciation service that allows businesses to embed its API solution into dashboards and software. It’s more than 300,000 names and 17 languages help business with difficult to pronounce names.
  • Willful: Founded by Kevin Oulds, and now run by Erin Bury, Willful aims to simplify the process of estate preparation by getting more Canadians to create a will.
  • PowerTree: Montréal-based platform that gives building operators and owners real-time access to their electrical infrastructure and key analytics.
  • Gravy: Offers AI-powered restaurant pricing platform that personalizes the digital ordering experience.
  • BoxKnight: A same-day and scheduled deliveries service for e-commerce merchants based in Saint-Laurent, Quebec.
  • LiveScale: Montréal-based platform transforming online commerce into live shopping
  • experiences for the mobile-first generation.
  • HALEO: Montréal-based telehealth company, looking to improve health and performance by making treatment for sleep disorders more accessible and effective.
  • OSCP: Montréal-based integrated optical MEMS Sensor company that has created an integrated precise and reliable motion sensing solution.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you will need perseverance, discipline, passion, confidence in your own abilities and good problem-solving skills. They grow with greater focus on the product; they grow as leaders with greater passion, energy, confidence, creativity, gratitude and practical knowledge of how to do more with less.

About Founder Fuel:
An accelerator program founded out of the Real Ventures fund, FounderFuel provides structured and unstructured mentoring and coaching by proven entrepreneurs over a three-month residency in Montréal’s Notman House.

About Bain Public:
Bain Public is a Product consultancy that helps companies make smart decisions, and ship top-notch products that captivate customers and achieve business objectives. We help ambitious organizations create new value by establishing company-wide product-related processes. Our group of experienced Product Managers works closely with CSuite leadership teams removing friction from all touchpoints of the digital consumer experience to deliver product-market fit allowing companies to operate at scale. For more information, visit bainpublic.com or call 514-442-8487.

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